I have liked aviation my whole life. Even as a Million-miler frequent-flyer with Delta Airlines I dedicated an enormous amount of time to learning as much as I could about the airliners that carried me. I have always liked to read about aviation.

In January, 2004 I finally came across the age-old question: "When and if the time comes to look back at my life, what would I regret not having done?" Usually this question comes at a time when you are too late to do anything about it. Fortunately, this was not my case. At the time. I was looking for an activity that would maintain me in the constant learning domain. Aviation is one of them. If you are serious about flying, then you have to be serious about constant learning and constant personal improvement.

Dr. Miranda in his airplane

 Early in 2004 I started the training to obtain my private pilot's license at Blue Ash Aviation at the Blue Ash airport (KISZ) in Cincinnati. On May 5th, 2004 I did my first solo flight and in September 22, 2004, I obtained my private pilot's license.  I continued my studies and obtained the instrument rating on May 4, 2007. Sadly, the Blue Ash Airport was permanently closed by local city authorities and is no longer available.

I also obtained the endorsement for high-powered single-engine airplanes, so now I am flying a Cessna 182P tail number N21315.