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You have entered a portion of this Web site dedicated to my own personal interests. Bear in mind that this area reflects personal views and experiences, and should be read with that in consideration.-Dr. Efrain A. Miranda.


Plate 20The graphic depicted in the logo of Clinical Anatomy Associates is an image published originally by Andreas Vesalius in May 26, 1543 in his famous book " De Humani Corporis Fabrica, Libri Septem" which translates as "Seven books on the Structure of the Human Body". It is the 22nd plate of the first book. In the original plate of the Fabrica a Latin phrase was included "Vivitur ingenio, caetera mortis erunt" - "Intelligence lives on, the rest eventually dies". I believe, just as Vesalius did, that the only way to care for and improve your intelligence is constant study and constant learning. This sentence has become my personal motto.

The second image, which appears when you do a mouse-over over the image in this page, is the only known portrait of Andreas Vesalius, probably made by Jan Stephan Van Calcar. This portrait is seen in the first pages of the Fabrica.


This area of the web site discusses my hobbies and passions. Because of my work in Human Clinical Anatomy and my passion for books, I became a collector of old and antique Medical and Human Anatomy books, which I have in my library. I also honor and admire the works of Andreas Vesalius. His work represents the end of the Middle Ages obscurantism and the beginning of modern anatomy and scientific thinking. It is only fitting that we honor his name in our company logo. I have dedicated time to read and research on the life of Andreas Vesalius. As a result, I have published a modified biography.

Besides collecting books, my hobbies include aviation and martial arts. I am very passionate about what I do; feel free to contact me personally through this web site.

Dr. Miranda